Testimonials for

Gary Steele Karate Studio

Jeff & Leann Cordell, parents

We've personally noticed her confidence is better. We've seen a much improved positive attitude. Her physical abilities have been much improved too.  She's much more athletic now, more flexible.

Susan Mart, parent & student

The staff here is phenomenal with both children and adults. So professional, engaging, and encouraging. My children and I are challenged by the training every class. We walk away with more physical and mental strength each time. You definitely want to be a part of this amazing dojo!

Victoria Warner, student

I recommend everyone take karate.  I think it is a great form of self defense and I think it will boost everyone's confidence and help you feel safer throughout your day.

Gary Steele Karate Studio is located in the lower level of the Plaza Shopping Center at 1030 Smithville Hwy., McMinnville, TN 37110