2020 New Black Belts!

BLACK BELT PROMOTIONS Pat Robinson - 1st Degree William Massa - 1st Degree Wyatt Martin - 1st Degree Abigail Cathey - Level 1 Jr 1st Degree Kinsy Gunter - Level 1 Jr 1st Degree Kachska Slatton - Level 1 Jr 1st Degree Abbagail Harbin - Level 2 Jr 1st Degree Donald Lee - Level 5 Jr 1st Degree Victoria Byars - Level 6 Jr 1st Degree

Pictured: Front Middle; Abbagail Harbin

2nd row left to right; Chris Hutcheson, Shawn Green, Paul Byars

3rd row ; Donald Lee, Victoria Byars, Kinsy Gunter, Kachska Slatton, Abigail Cathey

back row, Gary Steele, Becky Byars, Wyatt Martin, William Massa, Pat Robinson, Lee Myers

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Gary Steele Karate Studio is located in the lower level of the Plaza Shopping Center at 1030 Smithville Hwy., McMinnville, TN 37110