2018 Black Belt Promotions!

At the 2018 Gary Steele Karate Studio Black Belt Extravaganza, promotions were held for those earning black belt and black belt level and degree promotions. Congratulations to those who earned their promotions!

Front row Left to Right: Caleb Sanders, Victoria Byars

2nd Row : Samantha McCormick, Leah Clark, Cassidy Rose,

Amber Green, Summer Reed, Becky Byars

3rd row: Shawn Green, Gary Steele, Chris Hutcheson, Doug Foster,

Briley Green, Paul Byars


Chris Hutcheson - 2nd Degree

Leah Clark - 2nd Degree


Douglas Foster - 1st Degree

Amber Green - 1st Degree

Raylee Vinson - 1st Degree level 2

Caleb Sanders - 1st Degree level 2

Victoria Byars - 1st Degree level 4

Wyatt Martin - 1st Degree level 6

Samantha McCormick - 1st Degree level 6

Cassidy Rose - 1st Degree Level 7

Briley Green - 1st Degree level 7

Summer Reed - 1st Degree level 7

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