2018 Award Winners!

Gary Steele Karate Studio recently celebrated the accomplishments and hard work of our students with awards at the 2018 Black Belt Extravaganza. Congratulations to those who earned awards!

Front Row Left To Right: Kinsy Gunter, Paul David Byars, Abigail Cathey, Abby Harbin,

2nd Row: Samantha Mccormick, Leah Clark, Summer Reed, Donald Lee, Becky Byars

3rd Row: Victoria Warner, Melinda Walling, Paul Byars

Back Row: Gary Steele, Shawn Green, Lee Myers, Jamie Judkins, Noah Mart, Chris Hutcheson

2018 Awards List

Flexability Award - Joshua Foget

Forms Award - Summer Reed

Fighting Awards

Children's Fighting Award - Paul David Byars

Jr's Female Fighting Award - Samantha McCormick

Jr's Male Fighting Award - Donald Lee

Adult Female Fighting Award - Victoria Warner

Adult Male Fighting Award - Coty Cantrell

Dedication Award - William Massa & Jamie Judkins

Effort Award - Lee Myers

Student of the year Awards

Little Dragons Student of the Year - Kinsy Gunter & Abigail Cathey

Childrens Student of the Year - Abby Harbin

Jr. Student of the Year - Noah Mart

Adult Student of the Year - Melinda Walling

Grand Champion - Leah Clark

Assistant Instructor of the Year - Summer Reed

Instructor of the Year - Becky Byars

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