Congratulations to the 2017 Awards Winners!

Front Row from left: Paul Byars, Briley Green, Maya Ginn, Carly Byars, Shawn Green

Back Row: Hannah Mart, Melinda Walling, Sarah Mart, Summer Reed, Victoria Warner, Dianne Martin, Lee Myers, Cassidy Rose, Chris Hutcheson, Gary Steele.

2017 Awards List!

Flexability- Sarah Mart

Forms- Lee Don Myers

Fighting Female Male

children- Raylee Vinson Briley Green

adults- Victoria Warner Derek Vinson

Dedication- Melinda Walling

Effort- Carly Byars

Student of the year

lil drag- Jack Wilcher

Children- Miya Ginn

Jr.- Cassidy Rose & Hannah Mart

Adult- Dianne Martin

Grand Champion- Summer Reed

Asst. Inst.- Summer Reed

Inst.- Shawn Green

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