Children's Jiu Jitsu

Our Children's Jiu Jitsu program is a great way to develop physical fitness.  As your child is learning self defense, you will also be able to see benefits as he or she develops:

Attention     Respect     Self Discipline  

Courtesy     Sportsmanship     Punctuality

Confidence     Perseverance     Focus

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What if my child isn't athletic?

Athleticism is equal parts learned skill and confidence.  As children develop their knowledge of a skill, they become more confident in their abilities.  Many children who are "not athletic," just aren't great at team sports.  Martial arts allows everyone who works hard to develop their abilities their own moment to shine! has a great article on the benefits of martial arts training in a child's development!

See "Karate Kids:  The Benefits of Martial Arts" by Alison Hendrie on

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